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2112. Year 2021 and 12 designs a year.

This is a commitment to all our present and future clients that we will exclusively focus on spending all of our time and energy on your project. That's 1 commission per month. 2112 was born out of a passion to transform people’s lives by designing incredible spaces to live, work and play in. In addition to projects for homes and work spaces, we are also passionate about creating one-of-a-kind, bespoke furniture to fit perfectly into your ideal space. Our expertise is in designing with your needs and wants in mind and balancing the fine art of function and form to maximize the potential of your space. 

As we only commit to signing 1 project a month, there is every truth to the saying, "Limited Slots & Availability." So go ahead, drop us a note ( and let's dream of the possibilities of your space together.

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